BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
coverity_scantravis coverity updateAndy Green2 months
libuv-testlibuv only cleanup if in useAndy Green11 days
masterlibuv libev abstractionAndy Green2 hours
tempstarting on ext optionsAndy Green5 weeks
testalign test server libuv and event loop apisAndy Green26 hours
v1.5-stablefuzzer handle junk after upgrade headerAndy Green3 weeks
v1.6-stableupdate the cmake version number to match the git tag and rpm version.Andrew Cooks5 days
v1.6.3libwebsockets-1.6.3.tar.gz  Andrew Cooks5 days
v1.6.2libwebsockets-1.6.2.tar.gz  Andy Green3 weeks
v1.6.1libwebsockets-1.6.1.tar.gz  Andy Green3 weeks
v1.5.1libwebsockets-1.5.1.tar.gz  Andy Green3 weeks
v1.6.0-chrome48-firefox42libwebsockets-1.6.0-chrome48-firefox42.tar.gz  Andy Green8 weeks
master-test-2015-11-19-1master-test-2015-11-19-1.tar.gz  Andy Green3 months
master-test-2015-11-06-1master-test-2015-11-06-1.tar.gz  Andy Green3 months
v1.5-chrome47-firefox41libwebsockets-1.5-chrome47-firefox41.tar.gz  Andy Green4 months
v1.4-chrome43-firefox-36libwebsockets-1.4-chrome43-firefox-36.tar.gz  Andy Green11 months
v1.3-chrome37-firefox30libwebsockets-1.3-chrome37-firefox30.tar.gz  Andy Green19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2 hourslibuv libev abstractionHEADmasterAndy Green19-191/+565
2 hoursport test-server-libuv.c from libev to libuvAlex Hultman1-0/+342
4 hourslibuv initial replace libev versionAlex Hultman4-46/+62
24 hoursrelease-checklistAndy Green1-0/+50
2 daysAsk sysconf for Android's getdtablesize.Dan Albert1-1/+2
5 daysfixed LWS_PRE descriptionSteffen Vogel1-1/+1
5 daysspecfile add fuzxyAndy Green1-0/+1
5 dayslws_reset_header_table dont reset NULLAndy Green1-0/+3
6 dayslicense clarification and test apps CC zeroAndy Green15-149/+175
7 dayslws_parse_uri fix test client use and add more docsAndy Green2-5/+13